Relution Enterprise Mobility Management Suite

Software Manual

M-Way Solutions GmbH


1 Administrator’s Guide

In this part you will get to know how to use Relution from an administrators point of view. You will learn about all Relution features in the area of Mobile App Management, Mobile Device Management as well as User Managemement.

1.1 MAM

The Relution Mobile App Management makes fast, secure and targeted software distribution for mobile devices possible. Enable employees to always keep their mobile software up to date, as conveniently as possible – with a company-owned app store.

In this section you will find information about how to use the Enterprise App Store and provide your employees with the newest and best apps.

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1.1.1 How to get new app store users onboard

Precondition: You are in the group “Administrator” or “Appstore Manager”.

In order to enable a mobile user to download apps from the Relution Enterprise App Store (EAS), the administrator has to perform the following steps:

  1. Add a user to the Relution system (see 1.6.2 Creating new users)
  2. Make sure this user has at least the “AppStore User” role (see 1.6.6 Add users to groups)
  3. Tell the user his login credentials as well as the link to download the Relution App (see 1.1.7 Getting the Relution app)
  4. Provide one or more apps in the Relution App Store view (see 1.1.2 Upload an app)
  5. You can use Relution’s powerful App Release Workflow to put apps in specific states (development, test, release, see 1.1.9 Create an app review workflow)

1.1.2 Upload an App

Precondition: You are in the group “Administrator” or “Appstore Manager”.

  1. Navigate to Apps > App Store and press the Add button in the left-hand menu.

  1. Select the type of app you want to add and press Next.
    • Choose Native app to upload an *.ipa (iOS app), *.apk (Android app) or *.appx (Windows app) file. Select the file via the file chooser or by using drag & drop.
    • Choose Weblink to add a link to a custom URL.
    • Choose Google Play Store app, Apple App Store app or Windows Store app to add an app from one of the public app stores.

  1. Enter additional information for the application like a description, changelog and release status. If you chose Native app, part of the required information is filled automatically by Relution like the app name, type and version.